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The Growth Potential of Household, Health and Beauty Categories in Convenience Stores

Discover the untapped potential of household, health, and beauty categories in convenience stores. Learn how to attract valuable brand-loyal shoppers with the right range and increase profits. Check out for impartial advice based on the latest market data and shopper insights.

Matt Stanton - Head of Insight

5 Minutes

/ 10th May 2023
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Category Insight

What do the Hair Care, Baby Feeding, Air Care and Medicines categories all have in common? The answer is they’re all in growth in the independent convenience channel.

The household, health and beauty categories aren’t always seen as the most exciting part of a convenience retailer’s range. Energy drinks, food-to-go, alcohol, and confectionery are often lighter, brighter, and easier to find in stores. However, the household, health and beauty shopper can drive extra money into your till… if you’ve got the right range.

But how hard can it be, I hear you ask? I just need some laundry detergent, washing up liquid, shampoo and toilet roll, right? Well… sort of. It is pretty straightforward, and once you’ve got the right range you can pretty much leave it alone because there’s generally a bit less NPD disruption than in other categories. But you do need to stock the right products. All you need is the right information in front of you.

Household, health and beauty shoppers are more brand loyal than many other categories. In fact, less than 50% of shoppers will switch to another brand if they don’t find their usual product on shelf. This does vary across each of the categories – baby milk is extremely brand-loyal, for example, whilst household paper and baby wipes are much less so. But shoppers trust the leading brands as the experts who make products who do the job without any fuss.

Household, health and beauty shoppers are higher spenders than the convenience store average, and they over-index with larger, planned top-up missions. So they’re valuable shoppers to attract into your store. Many shoppers are planning their trips better, and visiting stores where they know their products are in stock. Stocking the right range of the ‘boring’ categories will attract shoppers, and they will buy other categories on impulse whilst they’re there.

So head on over to It’s free to use, you don’t need to sign up for anything, and all the advice is impartial, based on the latest market data and shopper insights. You will find all the information a convenience retailer needs to select a best-selling, efficient and profitable range:

Household, health and beauty and baby care

  • planograms for large, medium and small stores

Category insights covering household, health and

  • beauty, baby care, healthier snacking and pet care

Shopper behaviour insights relevant to all

  • categories across the whole convenience channel
  • Lists of best-selling and must-stock SKUs

The website works nicely on mobile devices and tablets, so you can carry it around and use it easily in-store, and it also looks great on full-size desktop and laptop screens.